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The 3




Why the 3rd Place?

The first place is your home.  The second place is your work.  In both places you have roles and responsibilities that define who you are.  In the third place you get to be yourself, feel free and belong.  The 3rd place is open so come on in.

Simple put, "You Belong!"  

Bean North and the 3rd Place


What makes the 3rd place taste so good?  Well it begins with delicious fair trade beans roasted in the clean air of the Yukon.  Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. ships freshly to our location a variety of brews and blends from many coffee regions around the world.  We are proud to support Fair Trade with every cup we brew.

You matter to us!


Whether you pop by for a cup of Joe or book in for supper, the 3rd place cares about you.  You belong and you are truly loved. 

How do we show this?

Quality coffee and customer service mixed with local produce and fresh in-house treats, we aim to hit it out of the park every time you visit.


 It's something you really need to see for yourself.  So stop on by and give the place a try.

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